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Enabling sustainable change for all

Change Advocates (CAD) Cameroon is a Non-Governmental organization made up of youths from diverse fields of life that have the desire to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cameroon. CAD envisages Cameroonian communities where everyone enjoys quality lives.

To achieve this vision, CAD Cameroon seeks to promote quality community lives by supporting initiatives that promote quality education, peacebuilding, youth engagement and gender equity in Cameroon.

CAD Cameroon’s mandate focuses on the promoting the Sustainable Development Goals specially SDG1, SDG 4, SDG5, SDG6, and SDG16.

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Writing a Diary

CAD Cameroon’s main objective is to promote quality community life for women, girls and youths in Cameroon,

  • Support and promote actions that eradicate poverty, hunger and access to quality WASH facilities (water, sanitation and hygiene) among women, girls, youths and vulnerable populations of Cameroon.

  • Encourage and promote quality education and Education plus (SDG 4+) for women, girls, vulnerable populations in Cameroon.

  • Support and promote sustainable activities and programs that promote gender equity in Cameroon. 

  • Create partnerships and networks with organizations that share our vision of promoting Cameroonian communities where everyone enjoys quality lives. 

  • Engage community members in the promotion of sustainable peacebuilding and conflict prevention/resolution. 

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